September 30, 2008

How House Members Voted on Bailout

MAPlight reports that House members voting Yes on the doomed bailout proposal received 54% more money from banks and securities firms than those voting No.


How Voted

Average Amount Contributed to Member

House (All Members)





House Democrats





House Republicans





Additionally, finds a strong correlation between how House members voted on the Bailout and the competitive nature of their re-election bid. Namely, of 38 incumbent House members running in swing districts, 30 voted against the bill.

17 of 20 swing Republicans (85%) voted Against the Bailout;

13 of 18 swing Democrats (72%) voted Against the Bailout.

In case you’re wondering those three gutsy Republicans that voted Yes on the Bailout despite their hotly contested re-election are:

  • CT-4 Rep. Christopher Shays
  • IL-10 Rep. Mark Kirk
  • NV-3 Rep. Jon Porter

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